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Articulation Agreement Between Walla Walla Community College and Columbia Basin College

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Do you thrive on the responsibility or excel in leadership roles? CBC’s Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Applied Management Agriculture Concentration gives you all the skills, tools, and practice you’ll need to achieve career success—be it by finding the job of your dreams, or by earning that next big promotion at work. Take the next step toward your career today!

Walla Walla Community College , in partnership with the Eastern Region Ag Consortium (ERAC), offers a unique custom agreement for WWCC students interested in pursuing a four-year Agriculture degree within the community and technical college system. Students pursuing an AAS (Associate in Applied Sciences) in Agri-Business degree at WWCC, who follow the advising recommendations above, can transfer into the Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Applied Management Agriculture Concentration program at  Columbia Basin College .

Program outcomes for an Associate in Applied Science in Agri-Business at Walla Walla Community College:  

      • Provide students with the highest level of instruction by offering the latest concepts in agriculture.
      • To attract, retain, and graduate competent students into the Agriculture Science industry.
      • Keep program on the “cutting edge” of agriculture by involving industry in curriculum development and verification of student learning outcomes.
      • Articulate the Agriculture Science program horizontally with other related WWCC programs, and vertically, with regional high schools and universities.
      • Educate and graduate students who possess the knowledge and skills to participate in the agriculture industry with confidence, or continue their education at the university level with the same confidence.

The BAS in Applied Management Agriculture Concentrationoffers hands-on career training. Employers actively seek graduates of BAS programs because they have gained the necessary knowledge and applicable skills to immediately enter the workforce with minimal to no additional training. 

Students in the BAS in Applied Management Agriculture Concentration will: 

      • Describe the four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading, and controlling).
      • Categorize the four resources of management (human, material, capital, and information).
      • Differentiate the three tiers of management (strategic, tactical, and operational/functional).
      • Apply cultural awareness to business operations, customer contacts, and workplace environments.
      • Recognize the impact of communications with stakeholders/customers/community members with different points of view in both legal and competitive aspects.
      • Model professionalism in collaborative environments and communications.
      • Evaluate information for integrity and utility in order to promote informed decision-making.
      • Perform data analysis using modern technological resources.
      • Predict the impacts of technological changes on management processes.
      • Apply ethical frameworks to organizational challenges and management processes.

Career Opportunities  

      • Retail Manager
      • Human Resource Manager
      • Financial Manager
      • Information Manager
      • Agricultural Manager

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