Implicit Bias Institute in Workforce Education

The Workforce Implicit Bias Institute is an in-person and online training platform for the workforce education system in Washington State, to develop working tools and processes to identify and reduce unconscious biases that hinder student, apprentice, faculty, and leadership success and enrich the overall campus, learning and training environments. The project is building a sustainable training model, through the development and implementation of a pathway of scaffolded Cycles and trainings. The project is building a cohort of campus, K12 and apprenticeship advocates to identify and strategically reduce bias at all critical decision-points through the examination and implementation of policies and practices within each respective campus, K12 and apprenticeship program.

The project is led by the Washington State Centers of Excellence for: Marine Manufacturing & Technology, Construction, Careers in Education, Agriculture & Natural Resource, and the Machinists Institute.

Implicit Bias Resources

Implicit Bias Resource Guide

Webinar Recordings

Implicit Bias and Student Homelessness with Claudia AvendaƱo-Ibarra, MSW LSWAIC | May 17, 2022

Neurodiversity and Implicit Bias with Ranieka Weston, ACC, SHRM-SCP | April 28, 2022

Professional Portfolio & Mentorship with Dr. Rita Cameron-Wedding and Zenovia Harris | April 22, 2022

Introduction to Implicit Bias, Dr. Rita Cameron-Wedding | March 10, 2022

LGBTQ & Gender Biases, Morgan Mentzer | May 18, 2021

Inclusive Pedagogy, Gretchen Robertson & Kip Zwolenski | April 21, 2021

Impact of a Significant Event in Workforce Education, Dr. Rita Cameron Wedding | March 2, 2021

Introduction to Implicit Bias, Dr. Rita Cameron Wedding | February 3, 2021

Implicit Bias in Workforce Education Podcasts