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Career Connect Washington

We are business, labor, education, and community leaders who are creating work-based and academic programs for young people to explore, learn, and earn money or college-level credit.

Over the next five years, our state will have 750,000 new career opportunities that keep us on the leading edge of global innovation and influence. We have the talent right here at home to fill those opportunities.

We believe all students in Washington deserve a future of purpose and prosperity—and the support necessary to achieve it. So we’re creating opportunities that launch every Washington student into college and career. By weaving education and work together, we’ll build a better workforce, better lives, and a better Washington.

Sector Leader

CCW released specific grants to sector leaders, like industry associations, Centers of Excellence, sector-focused workforce development organizations and community-based organizations, and consultants, to foster improved collaboration and coherency amongst employers within a sector to scale their work-based learning programs and create equitable opportunities for students.

The Agriculture and Natural Resource Center of Excellence is proud to have been selected as a Career Connect Washington Sector Leader. Career Connect sector leaders like us are focused on building and scaling specific programs for students at every level: Career Explore, Career Prep, and Career Launch. We work directly with business, labor and educators to build and expand these opportunities and make sure the programs meet the state standards.

Our Sub-Sectors

Part of our role as sector leader is to develop a sectoral strategy that identifies skills gaps and future needs so that classroom-based learning keeps up with the growing industry demands. With the help of our partners at Seattle Jobs Initiative, we have selected forestry and agriculture (pre-harvest and post-harvest activities) as the current focus areas. Our goal is to host several convenings, as well as one-on-one interviews, with partners across industry, education, and workforce development to create an informed sectoral strategy.

Career Explore

Kids as young as kindergarten think about what they are going to be when they grow up. Starting in elementary school, students can learn how their interests can lead to different jobs in different fields.

Career Explore is not just for students, however. Even young people who have already started working can benefit by talking to professionals in the field.

These programs tend to be one-time events, rather than long commitments, and are a good way for young people to learn a lot, quickly.

Career Prep

These programs are more of a hands-on experience, such as a pre-apprenticeship or internship. This helps them get professional experience and helps them make decisions about the next steps in their education or training.

Career Launch

Career Launch programs are the most intensive, as they prepare young adults to start their careers. These programs combine meaningful, high-quality on-the-job experience with classroom learning. Programs like registered apprenticeships can position someone to be hired right away; they can also fulfill the work-based learning requirements for 4-year degrees.

These programs include registered apprenticeships and Career Launch programs in the K-12, CTC, and 4-year systems. We aim to ensure that 60% of young adults beginning in the class of 2030 will participate in a Career Launch program.

Career Launch programs connect employers with young adults and students in the K-12, CTC, and 4-year systems. Ages 16-30.

Connect With Us

  • If you or your organization have an opportunity that falls under any of the three career-connected learning categories (explore, prep, & launch) we would like to hear about it!
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