Washington’s agricultural industry is changing – evolving to include cutting edge careers in highly technical fields. Agricultural based careers in Washington can be found on farms, in factories, on fishing vessels, in labs, and on salesroom floors.

Agriculture & Natural Resources Career Cluster

Career Cluster GraphCareer clusters identify the knowledge and skills students need as they follow a pathway toward their career goal. The Agriculture & Natural Resource Career Cluster is divided into seven career pathway. Pathways are grouped by common knowledge and skills required of occupations in the agriculture and natural resource career fields.




Education & Training Program

To explore your educational option in Agriculture, see the 2017 Agriculture & Natural Resource Program Guide . Explore Classes & Degrees to learn more about the multiple worker retraining and certificate/degree programs in Washington State.

Agricultural Occupations Quick Guide

The demand/decline list of occupations is hosted by the Labor Market and Economic Analysis (LMEA) branch of the Employment Security Department, and local Workforce Development Councils are responsible for the list, as well as all updates and revisions. To access these lists, visit In-Demand Agriculture Occupations.

Career Bridge

Career Bridge is a searchable database created by the Workforce Training and Education Coordinating Board, highlighting education and training programs throughout the state where workers and students can discover:

Career Planning

Visit the Workforce Explorer website provided by the Washington State Employment Security Department to begin your career exploration:

  • Strategies for Career Planning
  • Assess your skills and interests
  • Find occupational descriptions, wages and projections
  • Job hunting tips

Finding A Job In Agriculture

WorkSource, as part of the United States Employment Service, can assist workers and students find jobs and provide free job seeking services:

  • Find job openings
  • Learn strategies for finding a job
  • Get job referrals and job search assistance
  • Get help preparing your resume for job interviews
  • Post your resume online for employers to see
  • Share job-search strategies with other job seekers
  • Assess your skills and get career guidance
  • Get referred to a training program
  • Learn how much jobs pay and what jobs are in demand

Call or visit a WorkSource Center for more information.