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The Agriculture Center of Excellence focuses on the promotion of clear education and career pathways for the agricultural industry. Pathways are created through a combination of promotion, partnerships, collaborative degrees and articulation agreements.

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School of Wine: Training Students for Jobs in Washington State’s Wine Industry


With more than 700 vineyards, Washington state has become a premier location for viticulture. One community college has created a winemaking degree that fosters economic, environmental and cultural sustainability in and around the city of Walla Walla where vineyards continue to sprout.  Click HERE to watch the video.

Washington Team Ag Ed

Washington Team Ag Ed is an organization comprised of agricultural educators who collectively represent agricultural education in Washington State.

Team Ag Ed’s Priorities

  • Recruitment of students entering into education and careers in the agricultural industry.
  • Marketing a positive image of careers in the agriculture and natural resource industries.
  • Partnerships that connect high quality educational standards and industry workforce needs.

Team Ag Ed Meeting Minutes


Curriculum Development Workshops

The Center sponsors and coordinates Curriculum Development Workshops for the Washington Association of Agricultural Educators (WACANE) Annual Conference. The Curriculum Development Workshops are presented by community and technical college agriculture and natural resource faculty members. The workshops enable college faculty to build relationships with their high school counterparts, introduce a specific area of study into high school curriculum, and provide high school teachers with prepared lesson plans and labs that translate to college programs through programs of study.

Prior Learning Assessment

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) is defined as the process of identifying, assessing and recognizing skills, knowledge, or competencies that have been acquired through work experience, unrecognized training, independent study, volunteer activities, and hobbies. PLA may be applied toward academic credit, toward requirement of a training program, or for occupational certification.

PLA Samples