The Agriculture Center of Excellence offers access to innovative curriculum, advanced training facilities, and qualified instructors. The role of the Center is to link education and industry in order to meet the evolving needs of Washington’s economy. As technology expands the potential for workforce training, customized education, and partnership continues to grow.

Agriculture Center Of Excellence Advisory Board

Advisory Board Members

  • Rosanne Lugo – WorkSource, Walla Walla
  • Leslie Druffel – The McGregor Company
  • Rebecca Wallace – Agricultural Pathways Supervisor, OSPI
  • Stewart Padelford – Washington FFA Foundation
  • Kimberlee Kidwell – WSU- Executive Associate Dean/ CAHNRS
  • Cristie Crawford – WSU- Academic Coordinater/ CAHNRS
  • Ignacio Marquez – WSDA – Community Liaison

Advisory Board Meeting Minutes-(2013-2015)