Lindsey Williams, Director

Lindsey accepted the position of Director with the Agriculture & Natural Resource Center of Excellence (ANR) in 2018 after serving 8 months as Interim Director, and 3 years as Coordinator of Marketing and Communications. Before her time with ANR, she spent 2 years as Education Assistant for the WWCC Water & Environmental Center, and 2 years with Pheasants Forever as Fundraising and Banquet Chair. Bringing her background in forestry and agricultural research, as well as a love for education at multiple levels, she enthusiasm and a unique level of investment to the agriculture and natural resource sectors of Washington.

Lindsey earned her B.S. in Forestry at Washington State University, and while doing so, worked for the USDA-ARS in Grain Legume Genetics research, which gave her an unexpected, but welcome, love of agriculture. She was accepted into AgForestry Class 40 in 2017, and represents ANR statewide while focusing on agricultural leadership with classmates from a wide variety of agriculture and natural resource backgrounds.

With ANR, Lindsey has been able to bring her enthusiasm for education and Washington’s agriculture and natural resources together to assist colleges statewide with transfer agreements, student recruitment, industry networking, and general community education, while continually increasing her knowledge about the many facets of these industries.

To contact Lindsey: 509.527.4635 or [email protected]



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