Team Member Spotlight – Tawnya

My name is Tawnya Todd Knudson, and I am the Office Assistant 2 for the Agriculture Center of Excellence. I have, officially, worked with the Agriculture Center of Excellence (Ag Center) since January 2016.  Working with the Ag Center has been an exciting and productive time.

I spend my time working on many projects throughout the week. There are some that I only work on once until the following year, and some I work on a couple times a week, every week, or once a month.

One of the important weekly tasks that I perform, a minimum of 3 times, is maintaining the job board on the Ag Center’s website. This is an important part of my job, as this site gives access to students (past, present, and potential), along with any other person looking for a position in the Agricultural industry.  Any day of the week you can go to to find up-to-date job listings, along with over 20 different websites, each of which have multiple job postings.

Another important task of mine is managing our Google analytics. Using  Google analytics, I’m able to gather a significant amount of information, like how our information is being accessed, where from, which pages on the site is being seen, how long on the site, and much more. This is done within the first few day of the beginning of the month for the previous month. We keep records of all the information for the last 3 years.

A long term, once a year, project is our Contact List. I update our Contact List for Washington School Districts, Agriculture Teachers, Counselors, FFA Advisors, and Industry Partners – and the list keeps growing. I collect data specified to each list. An example would be the Agriculture Teachers. I would gather School Name, Teacher Name, Program, Address, Phone, and email. An Industry Partner, I would gather information such as Name, Company, Type of Company, Position, Address, Phone, email. These lists help the Agriculture Center of Excellence maintain connections with each of these groups, which is necessary in planning competitions, meetings, seminars, etc.

Another project is our Program Guide. Our Program Guide is a guide that the Ag Center provides to students who are searching for the right program, at the right school for them. The Program Guide provides information on each Community College in Washington (with an Agriculture or Natural Resource focused program), the type of program, and the contact information. Along with the Program Guide, we keep a spreadsheet of each community college’s program degrees. In this spreadsheet we have the degree and the list of required classes need in order to complete the degree, and this is also updated every year.

These are a few of the things that I do, and things that I enjoy doing. You can find me at the front desk, at my computer, typing away, and entering information. I may be up walking around once in a while, but it is not often. I do have to say that I love my job and enjoy what I do. I am always happy to show off my work to anyone who is interested in seeing what I do. I am also happy to just sit and continue work. The one thing I would like to say and leave you with, “If you find a job you love, go for it and stick with it!” If you are happy in your job, you will be so much happier in your life.




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