Reflections – Summer 2016


Travel is an essential part of the Ag Center’s week-to-week operation – it allows us to stay in touch with those we work with, develop new relationships, and reminds us that our contribution to the agriculture industry is always evolving and molding to what is needed.

I recently attended a Center’s of Excellence directors meeting in Olympia with the other center directors and state board representatives.  It was a very informative time and allowed for great discussions and interaction.

The Ag Center’s recent presence in Rwanda, Africa, for a week long Ag Camp extended not only our view of worldwide agriculture, but starting building a bridge for international students to have a more personal connection to Washington schools. We see this as a relationship that we will continue to cultivate with a country highly invested in subsistence farming, and hoping to move forward with new knowledge and technology. What better place to train their future generations of agriculturalists than Washington Ag schools?

WEC (Workforce Education Council) held their spring meeting in mid-May. The Ag Center was invited to be part of a panel, helping to inform the group about what the Centers do. From the Ag Center, Lindsey Williams attended as part of the panel along with one advisory board member, Cristie Crawford. This gave us a great opportunity to talk about upcoming articulation agreement work, WACANE, and just the overall scope of what the Ag Center does on a daily basis to assist Washington’s agricultural economy.

I will be visiting Skagit Valley College and Big Bend Community College in the near future to connect with leadership and faculty at each college to see how the Ag Center can help connect education and industry, meet skills gaps and attract students into ag education and careers.

Bill Griffith

Director – Agriculture Center of Excellence



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