Technology incubation in Agriculture

The New White Paper from Kapyon Ventures

In recent weeks, Kapyon Ventures led two Series A capital raises: Algenetix, a company developing biofuels and other products from microbes, raised $2 million while ZeaKal, a developer of technologies to increase yields from soybeans and rice, has raised $3.8 million.

“[Today], the importance of biomass productivity is now not only a target of agriculture but of energy, consumer products and society in general-as we look for a sustainable way to reduce our reliance on petroleum. Agriculture now at the epicenter of so many industries is drawing in new entrants, seeking to secure the biomass volume necessary to sustain their core businesses.

“Innovation will also be driven by the advances in biotechnology. The improvements in synthetic biology, gene synthesis, and computational biology have removed many of the barriers to discovery as they becoming increasingly leveraged into agriculture. What this shift means practically is that biology is becoming more predictable, the risks better quantified and the costs dramatically decreased. Technology that is valuable for soybeans can readily be customized for new oilseeds such as jatropha and even into unrelated species such as algae.”

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